Peanut Butter Cookies

I absolutely love cookies, how ever as most of you know I  don’t like sugar so I decided to  experiment  with some different recipes.

With only using 5 ingredients I made these delicious peanut butter cookies!!!

all you will need is :

1. One egg / or egg white

2. Peanut butter

3.Almonds and walnuts

4. Honey (optional) if you want them to be sweet

5. Dark chocolate

Bake for 350•



Roll them into flat balls and then with a knife mark some cross hatches 
Ready to eat!!!!!!

Summer Hairstyles

Today a beautiful model flew down from California for our Francesca’s photo shoot. Monica Ollander has very great hair for fun beach waves and bed head hair!

Look 1 I curled her hair using a one Inch curling iron then sprayed some dry shampoo to achieve the bed head look . unnamed-5


look 2 I divided the top half of her hair and gave her a top knot. I feel like this look is super  “Cool Girl”.



look 3 Is a high pony tail. I love this because its effortless, you can create this hair style even if you have bangs.



look 4 I brushed out all of the waves with a big paddle brush and styled it with pins , also hair spray .


some one my favorite hair products are :

Thanks for following!

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday!!! I had the best day ever, Sean started my day by making me Chocolate protein pancakes/eggs in bed. The recipe to these healthy pancakes are on my friends Instagram page! Check her out she really makes the most amazing meals. @eatrightwithlily


We got ready and headed to one of my favorite geek stores in Houston.  Insomnia sells tee shirts,art work, toys,bottoms, and all sorts of other fun anime things.I found this super neat Print for only $15.00 I fell in love with the colors and how strange it is.fullsizerender_11


Of course I had to go to a thrift store at some point so I went back to The Purple Cat. I found these two items which were both $.2.00!!!! A cute little Lamp and a candle holder. I have been into this style of home decor lately so I am so excited I found these two pieces for our house. fullsizerender

After shopping we got home and started to get ready to go out to celebrate with my friends/ family. I picked my favorite Indian Vegetarian buffet called Govindas. fullsizerender_12

We then went to my favorite bar called Lei lows, this is a Tiki themed bar with really delicious special drinks. I always have so much fun at this place because of the music, decoration and the sweet bartenders. fullsizerender_8unnamed-1fullsizerender_7


This is My mom , My sister, and Brother inlaw. @leslierivaskelly @collinkellyphotography
My mom fell in love with this dog names Guapo! He has his own Instagram : @guapo_lavidloca
Sarah Balboa @xoslim gave me these next three gifts



Sara Eudy @saraeudy gave me these beautiful perfumes by El labo & of course a Gudetama toy!
Chad @chadwena hand made this leather choker!
Sarah Salinas @sarahfsalinas gave me this super neat Godzilla purse & Hair products from her salon

Thank you everyone for all of my birthday wishes, gifts and love!!!!!!



Holidays are by far the best, you get to spend time with family/friends and EVERYTHING goes on sale!!  Christmas morning while I was sitting in my pjs drinking a hot tea I decided to browse around my top favorite stores ANTHROPOLOGIE  to see what kind of sales they were running. They were running a 40%  off Winter Sale and woa did I find the most adorable pieces!

1.These two pairs of dolls. These dolls are designed by Alice Lynch, she used to be a designer for John Galliano and Christian Dior. She now makes childhood dream dolls which I immediately had to put in my box . These two dolls  are very well hand made, and the colors are rich which is definitely  a plus for me.  I know what you are thinking, why does a 29 year old want cute dolls? Why not ! They are unique and bring a smile to your face.*Each doll $14.97*fullsizerender_5

2.I feel like you can never have enough candle holders in your house.I like this one because it is long enough to put on my  coffee table. It is a very light metal with three candle holes.  I have been trying to include more modern finds to contrast the vintage and antique items I already have .*$20.00* fullsizerender_8

3. Bunny / Deer plates,when I saw these online I thought they would be way smaller in person but was I wrong! They are the perfect size, the quality of the art work/colors and material blew my mind. Now I know that side plates are not as tiny as I thought, If you can still find these on the website I recommend buying them! *Each plate was $5.97*(with discount)fullsizerender_7

My last purchase were these single candle holder and bunny statue. I love anything with flowers so of course I bought two. Their are two sizes and these are the smaller ones. The bunny figurine is beautiful I loved the colors and the shape. They also have two other types of animals a horse and cat.*Candle holders $22.00 EACH* *Bunny figurine $20.00*fullsizerender_6

Overall, my holiday sale purchases were a success !! Let me know what you think in comments below

( All sale items might not be on the web page anymore, how ever they do get inventory almost every other day so you might be able to find them if you keep checking!)

Thanks again for reading!



Best Friend Time

Why go to a salon when your best friend is an amazing hair stylist!!! Sarah Salinas has been in my life since I was a kid, She really is like my sister .awe!!!  I finally got a hair cut and blow out , it’s been a while since I have gotten a little pampered. Way to start the new year 😉img_4868

I got some new makeup in the mail and  I wanted to test out the colors so she let me play around with these amazing products on her face.


First Look we kept very natural img_4866

Products I used for first look:

Foundation : MAC “Match Master 3.0″

Blush : MAC ” Coppertone”

Bronzer : Stila “cocoa”

First eye shadow on lid: Ben Nye “White Gold”

Outter Corners of eyes : Ben Nye “Copper”

Eye brows : MAC “True Brunette”

A lot of mascara

Lips: Sarah has an unknown allergy to almost all lipsticks so today we used her lip liner and lipgloss. Both are from a brand called Gabriel, an all natural cosmetic line, you can find it at either sprouts or whole foods and of course online. Lip liner – spice

Secound Look img_4870

Added a little dark eye shadow at outer  corners : MAC “Mulch”

WaterProof linner : Anastasia “Jet”img_4869

This really is an everyday look, very natural and flawless .



Zara, My Favorite Store

Yesterday when I got home from hanging out with my family I had a massive Zara box waiting for me!!!

Zara has been one of my favorite stores since I can remember, their quality is just amazing. I purchased 7 items and I absolutely loved them all!!! They are having their winter sale, its amazing and pretty much 50% off!!! Here is what  I ordered:

*  This white polka dot blouse is adorable, it reminded me of Japan’s style. This was only $20.00. It is very light and soft, definitely a good find.fullsizerender_3

* When I saw this stunning jacket I nearly died!!! I love the military style and even more I love the Asian embroidery on the front and back. The best fabric, it’s thick, very well stitched, and very comfy! This jacket was $90.00 however it might be on sale on top of the sale price so keep an eye on it.



*Sequin skirt at first I was a bit nervous that it might look to grandma on, How ever I paired it with an old band tee and leather jacket BAM not so grandma anymore. The thing about this skirt is that it came with attached leggings. I didn’t understand why but I cut them off. Now I will probably just wear hot shorts under. Deff a great purchase the material is very sturdy . $35.00fullsizerender

*It’s very hard for me to find jeans that fit. I came across some Zara pants at buffalo exchange two years ago and I still to this day wear them. I took a risk ordering jeans without trying them on how ever they fit perfect! They are super cool, urban style and honestly they most comfortable jeans. Each pair $35.00

* Black cute mod style skirt caught my eyes when my sister styled with it for a shoot. I decided to hold off on the full price and now I got it for $35.00. The thing I love about this skirt is that the material is thick. I feel safe in it haha!fullsizerender_2

*I love leopard print!!! This is a basic summer or winter dress which is why i loved it so much. I do live in Texas so it gets hot…. very hot. The material is pretty thin but not see through which is a plus. $35.00fullsizerender_1

*last purchase in the box was the super pretty floral dress. Some times you want to look cute without having to try so hard so you can throw this dress on add a leather jacket and BAAAMMM you get a darlin outfit. This dress is comfy , and the best part about it is that it has a nice suede strings to tie in a bow. $35.00 Amazing!!!fullsizerender

If you can check out their sales its just amazing finds for great prices.

Thanks guys have a wonderfel New years !!!!!