Vintage Finds

I can’t believe Christmas is over . During the holiday weekend  I went to the most well known antique shop called ” AG Antiques ” I talk about this shop a lot because I have discovered most of my amazing finds here. Please check this place outt, they sell just about everything!!!


I unfortunately don’t have my ears pierced so I am always on the hunt for unique clip-ons. Even if you have ear piercings I think it’s super fun using old clip-ons . I found these stunning two pairs, the first one I fell in love with because they are massive!!! Also one of my fav stones is onyx ( black) so I had to get them.img_3648

The second pair were so strange and I honestly have never seen anything like them . They are gold gypsy style bells . Both pairs are so light weight so that’s a plus ! img_3647

Each set was $10

I found these really old Indian coins so I decided to get a basic black shoe lace and sew each coin on the edge! It was such a fun jewelry crafting day and I finished it in about 1 hour. IMG_3646.PNG

And my last purchase that I thought was adorable was this small owl!!! Since everything for holidays is on sale now I picked up this little dude at z-gallerie.

Owl: $5 such a cute fluffy object that you can put anywhere in your house and all year around .




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