How To…

My amazing neighbor came over today and gave me all of these thin agates! I am obsessed with crystals, stones, rocks, agates, and quartz so I knew I want to make something special out of them. I decided to make a plaster base so they can stand up on its own. Being against a window or just sat on a table can loose their beautiful color.


I first got a disposable foam cup (plaster drys up very fast & you can pretty much peal off the cup instead of having to pull out the dried up plaster out of a plastic  cup)


  1. cut about two inches of the bottom part of the cup , throw away the rest of the top part
  2. In another disposable cup first put the plaster then slowly add water until its thick. This might take a few trys to get the hang of it! Mix well and fast before it drys
  3. Once you have the thick paste pour it in the little cup you cut and stick what ever object you want in the middle
  4. Hold it in place for a few mins and then slowly you should be able to let go of the object and let it dry for about 30 mins!!!

Once dry peal off the cup and BAM READY!!!!!

I Used this plastic cup it was very hard to take it out so use a foam cup

You can sand down the edges and also either paint the base or just have it white like mine!


This is a fun little project and all you need is plaster ( you can purchase at any home depo or lowes) water and cups!!!!


Please comment and leave me some feed back if you make a fun plaster stand!!!


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