Family Adventure

Today my  godparents came into town from California !!  I haven’t seen them in a very long time so I was excited to show them all my fun spots  I enjoy in Houston.

Cedar Creek Houston

First location is this amazing  Popsicle shop in the heights that everyone needs to go if you have not !! ” Steel City Pops”  they have all sorts of flavors, it also shows you the calories and you can dip them in chocolate Yummy ! img_3823img_3822

After the sugar rush we went to  Jubilee. This place sells clothes , antiques, new style home decor, jewelry , baby clothes & pretty much any type of candle ! You know me of course I go to shops that have so many candle options.



I ended up finding the most adorable twin rats? They are tiny and kinda ugly . Then I got this dear jewelry box it’s a pretty nice size and on sale cause of the holidays ! Then I found a tiny  Little dog ornament for the Christmas tree that reminded me of taco my little Chihuahua .


All Items on sale :

Each little rat : $ 3.00

Dog  Ornament : $2.00

Dear  trinket box : $7.00

Candle was a gift from my aunt

I was so excited to walk around 19th street today because it finally got cold ! It looked like a super gloomy creepy winter day.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their beautiful winter day ! On tomorrow’s blog I will be unboxing my new Zara purchases! IMG_3824.PNG





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