Zara, My Favorite Store

Yesterday when I got home from hanging out with my family I had a massive Zara box waiting for me!!!

Zara has been one of my favorite stores since I can remember, their quality is just amazing. I purchased 7 items and I absolutely loved them all!!! They are having their winter sale, its amazing and pretty much 50% off!!! Here is what  I ordered:

*  This white polka dot blouse is adorable, it reminded me of Japan’s style. This was only $20.00. It is very light and soft, definitely a good find.fullsizerender_3

* When I saw this stunning jacket I nearly died!!! I love the military style and even more I love the Asian embroidery on the front and back. The best fabric, it’s thick, very well stitched, and very comfy! This jacket was $90.00 however it might be on sale on top of the sale price so keep an eye on it.



*Sequin skirt at first I was a bit nervous that it might look to grandma on, How ever I paired it with an old band tee and leather jacket BAM not so grandma anymore. The thing about this skirt is that it came with attached leggings. I didn’t understand why but I cut them off. Now I will probably just wear hot shorts under. Deff a great purchase the material is very sturdy . $35.00fullsizerender

*It’s very hard for me to find jeans that fit. I came across some Zara pants at buffalo exchange two years ago and I still to this day wear them. I took a risk ordering jeans without trying them on how ever they fit perfect! They are super cool, urban style and honestly they most comfortable jeans. Each pair $35.00

* Black cute mod style skirt caught my eyes when my sister styled with it for a shoot. I decided to hold off on the full price and now I got it for $35.00. The thing I love about this skirt is that the material is thick. I feel safe in it haha!fullsizerender_2

*I love leopard print!!! This is a basic summer or winter dress which is why i loved it so much. I do live in Texas so it gets hot…. very hot. The material is pretty thin but not see through which is a plus. $35.00fullsizerender_1

*last purchase in the box was the super pretty floral dress. Some times you want to look cute without having to try so hard so you can throw this dress on add a leather jacket and BAAAMMM you get a darlin outfit. This dress is comfy , and the best part about it is that it has a nice suede strings to tie in a bow. $35.00 Amazing!!!fullsizerender

If you can check out their sales its just amazing finds for great prices.

Thanks guys have a wonderfel New years !!!!!


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