Holidays are by far the best, you get to spend time with family/friends and EVERYTHING goes on sale!!  Christmas morning while I was sitting in my pjs drinking a hot tea I decided to browse around my top favorite stores ANTHROPOLOGIE  to see what kind of sales they were running. They were running a 40%  off Winter Sale and woa did I find the most adorable pieces!

1.These two pairs of dolls. These dolls are designed by Alice Lynch, she used to be a designer for John Galliano and Christian Dior. She now makes childhood dream dolls which I immediately had to put in my box . These two dolls  are very well hand made, and the colors are rich which is definitely  a plus for me.  I know what you are thinking, why does a 29 year old want cute dolls? Why not ! They are unique and bring a smile to your face.*Each doll $14.97*fullsizerender_5

2.I feel like you can never have enough candle holders in your house.I like this one because it is long enough to put on my  coffee table. It is a very light metal with three candle holes.  I have been trying to include more modern finds to contrast the vintage and antique items I already have .*$20.00* fullsizerender_8

3. Bunny / Deer plates,when I saw these online I thought they would be way smaller in person but was I wrong! They are the perfect size, the quality of the art work/colors and material blew my mind. Now I know that side plates are not as tiny as I thought, If you can still find these on the website I recommend buying them! *Each plate was $5.97*(with discount)fullsizerender_7

My last purchase were these single candle holder and bunny statue. I love anything with flowers so of course I bought two. Their are two sizes and these are the smaller ones. The bunny figurine is beautiful I loved the colors and the shape. They also have two other types of animals a horse and cat.*Candle holders $22.00 EACH* *Bunny figurine $20.00*fullsizerender_6

Overall, my holiday sale purchases were a success !! Let me know what you think in comments below

( All sale items might not be on the web page anymore, how ever they do get inventory almost every other day so you might be able to find them if you keep checking!)

Thanks again for reading!




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