Family Adventure

Today my  godparents came into town from California !!  I haven’t seen them in a very long time so I was excited to show them all my fun spots  I enjoy in Houston.

Cedar Creek Houston

First location is this amazing  Popsicle shop in the heights that everyone needs to go if you have not !! ” Steel City Pops”  they have all sorts of flavors, it also shows you the calories and you can dip them in chocolate Yummy ! img_3823img_3822

After the sugar rush we went to  Jubilee. This place sells clothes , antiques, new style home decor, jewelry , baby clothes & pretty much any type of candle ! You know me of course I go to shops that have so many candle options.



I ended up finding the most adorable twin rats? They are tiny and kinda ugly . Then I got this dear jewelry box it’s a pretty nice size and on sale cause of the holidays ! Then I found a tiny  Little dog ornament for the Christmas tree that reminded me of taco my little Chihuahua .


All Items on sale :

Each little rat : $ 3.00

Dog  Ornament : $2.00

Dear  trinket box : $7.00

Candle was a gift from my aunt

I was so excited to walk around 19th street today because it finally got cold ! It looked like a super gloomy creepy winter day.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their beautiful winter day ! On tomorrow’s blog I will be unboxing my new Zara purchases! IMG_3824.PNG





How To…

My amazing neighbor came over today and gave me all of these thin agates! I am obsessed with crystals, stones, rocks, agates, and quartz so I knew I want to make something special out of them. I decided to make a plaster base so they can stand up on its own. Being against a window or just sat on a table can loose their beautiful color.


I first got a disposable foam cup (plaster drys up very fast & you can pretty much peal off the cup instead of having to pull out the dried up plaster out of a plastic  cup)


  1. cut about two inches of the bottom part of the cup , throw away the rest of the top part
  2. In another disposable cup first put the plaster then slowly add water until its thick. This might take a few trys to get the hang of it! Mix well and fast before it drys
  3. Once you have the thick paste pour it in the little cup you cut and stick what ever object you want in the middle
  4. Hold it in place for a few mins and then slowly you should be able to let go of the object and let it dry for about 30 mins!!!

Once dry peal off the cup and BAM READY!!!!!

I Used this plastic cup it was very hard to take it out so use a foam cup

You can sand down the edges and also either paint the base or just have it white like mine!


This is a fun little project and all you need is plaster ( you can purchase at any home depo or lowes) water and cups!!!!


Please comment and leave me some feed back if you make a fun plaster stand!!!

Hair & Makeup

So as you all know, I am a hair and makeup artist in Houston. My main gig is lead hmu artist for Francesca’s collection clothing. Today I wanted to show you some behind the scene photos!


We started our day at a cute hair salon called ” The Chair HTX” , My close friend/model Valen Custer is in town from nyc so I got to have fun with her hmu. I  did a very natural look on her face by using a NARS foundation , a few eye shadows from Morphe eye shadow pallet , Beca highlighter, a lot of mascara ,  Makeup for Ever bronzer and I  filled in her eye brows with Anastasia. Hair : I left her natural wave and just touched up a few strands with a one inch curling iron .



After Hair and Makeup was finished we went on set to a location , to my favorite part of town ” The Heights ”

We ended up going to a local coffee shop called ” A 2nd Cup”.

Lily Griffin , super babe ! Love this girl (model)

After an awesome shooting day we wrapped it up on 19th street! I hope everyone had an amazing Tuesday and hopefully it was a lot cooler than us in Texas with 85 degree weather.

Vintage Finds

I can’t believe Christmas is over . During the holiday weekend  I went to the most well known antique shop called ” AG Antiques ” I talk about this shop a lot because I have discovered most of my amazing finds here. Please check this place outt, they sell just about everything!!!


I unfortunately don’t have my ears pierced so I am always on the hunt for unique clip-ons. Even if you have ear piercings I think it’s super fun using old clip-ons . I found these stunning two pairs, the first one I fell in love with because they are massive!!! Also one of my fav stones is onyx ( black) so I had to get them.img_3648

The second pair were so strange and I honestly have never seen anything like them . They are gold gypsy style bells . Both pairs are so light weight so that’s a plus ! img_3647

Each set was $10

I found these really old Indian coins so I decided to get a basic black shoe lace and sew each coin on the edge! It was such a fun jewelry crafting day and I finished it in about 1 hour. IMG_3646.PNG

And my last purchase that I thought was adorable was this small owl!!! Since everything for holidays is on sale now I picked up this little dude at z-gallerie.

Owl: $5 such a cute fluffy object that you can put anywhere in your house and all year around .



I only have eyes for you

img_3392I usually don’t like printed pillows in my home decoration  but when I saw this one with all the Hand stitched eyes I thought it was the most adroable thing ever ! I am trying to add more print / color , beleive  it or not it’s actually hard for me to do so.img_3403

On the same web site I found these books!! Kahlo & Warhol are my favorite artists in the world . The cover of these two are stunning . They are thin hard covered, and honestly really great page quality .img_3402


Yesterday I was having lunch with my sister Leslie and She told me about a small thrift shop near her house in midtown so we went to check it out. This candle holder caught my eye ! It’s a beautiful heavy brass antique and you won’t  Believe how much it was selling for …. $10!!!!  Yup that’s it ,I  definitely hit the jack pot.img_3401


If you like very unique items like me, don’t feel like you have to rush and get something because you kinda like it . I started slowly learning that I have to purchase things if I really can’t stop thinking about it, especially when you thrift.

Eye pillow : Urban Outfitters for $40

Books: Urban Outfitters each $ 11

Have a wonderful Friday !


We all love sales

There is nothing like running into a good sale !! As you guys know , I love affordable home finds.  Right now their are so many half off items at target , I found the most adorable bear pillow ( I love how it has one strange leg )  , little white candle house , tiny Christmas trees for my village, and bookends! I have been looking for some book ends for a while and I fell in love with these llama ones . Believe it or not all this was under $40 Great buy day!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Antique stores

I get it some times when people think of antiques they get scared because most shops are over priced. Today I went on an adventure in the HEIGHTS and I came across a huge store called Heights antiques.

This shop really had some amazing finds!!!!! The pricing however is extremely high,the reason I did like this shop is because they will go down on prices if you ask.

There is store right next door that I absolutely love!!!!! Its called Lovejoy’s antiques, Tom the owner is just the most amazing person ever. He can pretty much fix any antique you have . They have some of the most beautiful pieces I have owned. Check them out for sure.

Some other really cool shops in the heights are @wildcollection , @jubileeintheheights &@AGantiques

If you guys go to any of these places out let me know what you thought of them and show me what you end up finding !!!!